Introducing a NEW service now available Diamond Microdermabrasion!
Do you ever wish you can wave a magic wand over your face and poof—your blemishes, scars, enlarged pores, or wrinkles are erased? While it may not be an instant miracle, Diamond Microdermabrasion can have very impressive results. Whether you struggle with rough skin, skin discoloration, acne scars, blackheads, or fine lines, this exfoliation method can definitely help diminish the appearance of superficial skin imperfections. Diamond Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical, pain-free, quick and easy, skin refinishing procedure. Our certified skincare therapist uses sterile diamond abrasive heads to buff the top skin layer. Simultaneously, suction vacuums any particles of dirt and dry, dead skin while also increasing blood circulation and lymph flow. Encouraging cell turnover stimulates collagen and elastin production, helping to rejuvenate your skin. This procedure also allows skin products to penetrate deeper into the dermis layer. Corrective serums applied afterward help to infuse skin with essential nutrients, replenish hydration, and speed cell renewal, improving the look & feel of the skin. In just one treatment, the epidermis is deep cleaned and polished, resulting in a smoother, glowing, healthier complexion.
*Allow 60 minutes for a treatment session. Additional time may be required if incorporating add-on treatments to microderm session. Products are applied to face and décolleté area.

What is the difference between Crystal Microdermabrasion and Diamond Microdermabrasion?
Crystal Microdermabrasion sandblasts aluminum oxide crystals or sodium bicarbonate crystals to exfoliate the outermost skin layer. Diamond Microdermabrasion works similarly, but instead replaces the crystals with a diamond-tipped abrasive wand. Diamonds are the hardest mineral. Attached to the tip of the wand are diamond chips that polish the skin by removing dead cells and buffing surface imperfections. Diamond-tipped wands come in various sizes and coarseness for different skin types, skin irregularities, and depths of resurfacing. Diamond microdermabrasion is preferred by professionals because it is cleaner, safer, and more accurate. Crystals can clog pores, irritate the skin, or trigger an adverse reaction. However, a diamond-tipped wand allows for closer abrasion around the eyes, nose, and mouth without risk of stray crystals causing damage or being inhaled or ingested.

How many treatments will I need?
Many individuals feel and see a difference in firmness, texture and color just after 1-3 treatment sessions. Scheduling additional sessions will increase this improvement. Raised bumps, more deeply pitted holes, and darker pigmented spots may require multiple microdermabrasion sessions combined with professional peel treatments and/or active ingredient products over an extended period of time. Microdermabrasion can be done as frequently as weekly or up to every 8 weeks depending on your skin's tolerance and desired cosmetic effects. Many people choose to start with weekly treatments for 3 sessions, then change to a monthly maintenance regimen. Since human skin typically regenerates at approximately 30-day intervals, microdermabrasion is typically  performed every 4 weeks for continued improvement. Usually multiple treatments, about 6-12 sessions, are recommended to see more dramatic improvement. After completion of a series of treatment, you may want to keep your skin looking smooth and younger by scheduling microdermabrasion maintenance sessions once every 1-3 months. 

The menu price for a Diamond Microdermabrasion is: $75 for 1 session or Buy 2, Get 1 Free = $150 for 3 sessions. To try this service for the first time, we are offering a special introductory sale price of $45* per session. If you would like to further take advantage of this limited time special pricing, today you can pre-purchase multiple sessions at $45 per treatment. For increased results, we recommend 3 sessions for $135.*

*Sessions expire 1 year from date of purchase. Cannot combine introductory price with any other discounted offer. No refunds, but can apply unused credit toward other salon services.

Post Treatment
Diamond Microdermabrasion is a safe procedure—side effects are temporary and risks are rare and minimal. Deep exfoliation usually leaves the skin feeling tighter and slightly drier than usual for the first 24 to 48 hours because the barrier function of the epidermis is disrupted. Some redness can be expected post-treatment, however this is not likely to persist more than a few hours. The sensation of having a mild windburn or sunburn will also pass after a few hours. Applying a hydrating serum and quality moisturizer will help the healing process. Avoid extreme weather conditions and intense physical exercise until redness subsides. Avoid sun exposure for at least 7 days after a treatment and make sure to apply daily SPF 30+ sunblock. Avoid tanning beds.

Microdermabrasion Add-On Options:


Deep Pore Detox (blackhead extraction) ~ add $15
Hydrating Oat-Milk Masque ~ add $15
Anti-Aging Vitamin Masque ~ add $15

LED Therapy

IonActive Treatment (includes masque & facial massage) ~ add $45

     choose from: Hyaluronic Acid Masque  (hydrate skin) w/ Yellow LED

                         Niacinamide Masque  (combat acne) w/ Blue LED

                         Oligopeptide Masque  (brighten skin tone) w/ Green LED

                         Retinol Masque ( age fighting) w/ Red LED

Advanced Treatment
Oxygenating Treatment ~ add $25
Retinol Peel Masque ~ add $25
BioActive Peel ~ add $45

For a limited time only:

Special introductory priceof $45 for 1 session
or $135 for 3 sessions or $270 for 6 sessions!

Do you have any of these contraindications?  If you have any of the contraindications listed below, you probably are NOT a suitable candidate for a Diamond Microdermabrasion.
Any infection of any type, such as herpes or warts
Any active acne, inflamed skin, sensitized skin, sunburn, open lesions
Eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, or skin rash
Skin cancer, recent chemotherapy or radiation treatment
Diabetes, Lupus, auto-immune disease
Use blood thinner medication, regularly take aspirin
Rosacea or telangiectasia (erythema may worsen or be instigated by exfoliation)
Used a depilatory (Nair) or waxed within 24 hours
Any chemical peel, resurfacing treatment within the past 2 weeks
Use of skin care products containing Glycolic Acids or Retin-A
Use of Isotretinoin (Accutane) or other prescription oral acne medications within the last year
*We reserve the right to deny a client a microderm treatment if it is our professional opinion that you are contraindicated and are NOT a suitable candidate for this procedure.
Our skin care therapist, after a skin analysis, will recommend an alternative skin treatment that is more suitable for your skin type and skin condition.

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