Welcome to Bronzed Body 

Spray Tanning & Facial Treatments

at Family Image Salon & Spa!

Bronzed Body Spray Tanning 

Pro Power Peel
for all ethncities
acne / pigment / aging
​45 min. ~ $60 - $90

3 sessions for $180

Custom Facial Treatments
for all skin types & conditions,
women, men, or teens,
30 min. - 90 min.

$30 - $90

HydroDerm / HydroPeel / HydroLED
for all skin types & conditions

polish surface & deep clean pores
45 min. - 75 min.

$90 - $135

UltraSonic Facial
for all skin types & conditions
especially dry or aging skin
​60 min. ~ $75

3 sessions for $150

CALL or TEXT  630-777-1464  to schedule an appointment.

LED Light Therapy
for all skin types & conditions 
dehydration / acne / pigment / aging
60 min. - 75 min. ~ $75 - $90
​3 sessions for $180

About Us

Rezenerate NanoFacial
for all skin types & conditions
especially dry or aging skin
60 min. ~ $90

3 sessions for $180

We offer 2 different processing time options:

  • a 12-Hour Premium Solution or
  • a 1-4 Hour Quick Rinse Solution

Both solutions have 2 different toner options:

  • Amber Sun (a natural golden tan perfect for pale to medium skin tones) or
  • Venetian Bronzed Plus (a darker brown with a violet toner for a deeper hue).  

Cosmo is an organic solution option with a 12-Hour process time, and the color is a blend of Amber Sun and Venetian.

We also offer Black-Out Competition Solution for bikini, fitness, and bodybuilders.

You can choose a full-body spray tan or choose to spray tan certain body parts--like just your legs or only your face.

We make spray tanning affordable with new customer packages, multi-session packages, group rates, and discount days.

We strive to achieve the most natural-looking sunless tan for your skin level. Our tanning solutions are also skin treatments, containing vitamins, aloe, and moisturizers.  Our licensed, professional staff is dedicated to providing hand-applied, customized bronzing treatments to all of our clients depending on each individual’s skin type and skin condition. Whether you want to have a sun-kissed glow, a golden natural tan, or a bronzed body, we will help you achieve the color depth that best suits your complexion for your special event. A certified technician will airbrush the perfect tan just for you.

Customized Spray Tanning:

Choose: 8-12 Hour Premium Tan
or 1-4 Hour Quick Rinse Tan.
hoose: Light, Med, Dark, or Bronzed Plus color depths.

Competition Spray Tanning:

$60 Competition Spray Tan

$100 Bodybuilder Package
2 sessions
Black-Out Solution

Norvell Products:
We use Norvell tan solutions.
Buy Norvell retail products here,

from scrubs or body wash
to moisturizer or tan extender.

HydroPeptide Facial

 for all skin types & conditions
includes a home kit
60 min. ~ 

5-Step Process:
New to spray tanning?
​Learn what sets Bronzed Body

apart from other spray tans.

MicroCurrent Therapy

stimulate facial muscles for an instant lifted appearance
60 min. ~ 

3 sessions for $150

Seasonal Fruit Enzyme Facial
Special of the Month
for all skin types & conditions
45 min. - 60 min.
$60 - $90

Wed ONLY Special:
$25 for 1 Premium Spray Tan
For an additional $10, upgrade to

Quick Rinse or Organic Cosmo.

Preparation & Maintenance:
The first step to getting the
perfect sunless spray tan begins

before you even get to the salon.