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Who can receive a NanoFacial?
Although the Rezenerate device is non-invasive and safe for all skin types and conditions, it is NOT recommended for people with severe solar keratosis, cancer, undiagnosed lesions or skin infections, recent herpes outbreaks, or other serious medical conditions. Anyone living with a chronic health condition should check with his or her physician before proceeding with any kind of facial treatment.

What is included in a NanoFacial?
First we perform a skin analysis to determine skin condition. Your NanoFacial will be customized according to your skin type and skincare needs. After we double cleanse and apply a professional enzyme with steam to exfoliate outermost skin layers. The Rezenerate device is then used to drive corrective serums into the skin, increasing active ingredient effectiveness. A cold therapy massage is performed using cold globes to cool and soothe stimulated skin. Protective moisturizer finishes the treatment.

Upgrade the NanoFacial by adding advanced treatments. 
There is an additional $15 upcharge for each of the following add-on option:

NanoNeedling 2x - increase active ingredient penetration by adding NanoNeedling during exfoliation as well.​

MASK - for deeper nourishment and hydration, add a HydroGel sheet mask formulated with allantoin, niacinamide, aloe vera, collagen, caviar extract, and hyaluronic acid to target all signs of aging and provide an instant plumping.

Includes: skin analysis, double cleanse, professional exfoliation, Rezenerate NanoNeedling with corrective serums, cold globe massage, SPF moisturizer.

​*Note stimulated skin may temporarily appear red or have a tingle sensation as a natural reaction to active ingredient products penetrating deeper into skin due to channels created from NanoNeedling.

Rezenerate NanoFacial 60 min. ~ $90
or 3 sessions for $180  (Buy 2, Get 1 FREE)


  • Fine lines, even around eyes and lips
  • Breakouts and Blemishes
  • Sunspots and age spots
  • Dehydrated or dry skin
  • Uneven skin tone and texture

*Results can vary by individual and skin type, and are cumulative, gradually improving with each treatment. 
  We recommend a series of treatments every 2 weeks, then monthly facials to maintain results. 

What is a Rezenerate NanoFacial?

Rezenerate is a non-invasive skin care modality that upgrades skin treatments to the next level without any negative side effects, discomfort or downtime. This advanced skin treatment helps to treat a multitude of skin conditions because Rezenerate uses innovative technology to deliver high quality products into the skin for exponentially more effective results. This professional grade, nano-needling device features a silicon chip that creates millions of microscopic channels in the outermost layer of the skin driving active ingredients deeper into the skin as well as stimulating collagen production in the epidermis layer. Because the nano-needles are made of silicone, they do not puncture the skin, making the treatment pain-free. For best results, a series of treatments is recommended every 2-3 weeks. Maintain healthy vibrant skin with regular treatment sessions every 4-6 weeks thereafter.

Rezenerate NanoFacial