*Remember to plan your day avoiding water during solution development timing. This means NO washing hands and NO sweating. The Premium Solution has a 8-12 hour development time. It is best for evening appointments, because it is easier to avoid water as you sleep and then shower first thing in the morning. During daytime appointments, you may want to consider the Quick Rinse Solution option. With the Quick Rinse Solution option, you can shower in 1-4 hours after being sprayed (development time is determined by desired color depth).

*Ideally, you should schedule your spray tan appointment at least the evening before your special event, because it takes 12 hours for your skin to completely develop, regardless of solution. Your spray tan is in its fullest bloom 48 hours after being sprayed. Spray tans on average fade away in about 7-10 days.

Maintain your spray tan with NORVELL retail products:

Exfoliator $5                Touch-up Spray $10

Cleanser $5                  Sunless Mist $15
​Moisturizer $6             Prolong Extender Lotion $7

Body Butter $6

12-Hour Premium Solution  (8-12 hour development time)

Both pH Prep Spray & Hydro-Firm Sealer are included!

Choose: Light, Medium, or Dark color depth.

Full Body - 40                                

Upper Body (waist up) – 20                 Legs Only (waist down) – 20

Half & Half (bra-line up & legs) – 30    Face & Neck (bra-line up)– 15

Bronze Plusadd 5 – deep bronze w/ violet toner.

Double Dip* – add 10 – 2nd application next day.

*May take a 2nd session application to achieve desired color depth.

Organic LEGEND Solution – add 10

Bronzed Body Spray Tanning 


   Before           Natural Medium        Vacation Dark

Multi-Session Packages  The more you buy the more you save! Multi-session packages can be shared with family & friends and used for group discounts. All multi-session packages expire 1 year from purchase date.

Full Body 12-Hour Premium Solution Sessions

Buy 3 for 90            Buy 5 for 135           Buy 7 for 175

Buy 4 for 110          Buy 6 for 155           Buy 8 for 190

Full Body 1-4 Hour Quick Rinse Solution Sessions

Buy 3 for 120          Buy 5 for 185           Buy 7 for 245

Buy 4 for 150          Buy 6 for 215           Buy 8 for 270

See salon for more multi-session pricing options.

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Quick Rinse Solution  (1-4 Hour development time) 
Both pH Prep Spray & Hydro-Firm Sealer are included!

Color depth based on timing. Must shower at appropriate time!

Light - rinse in 1-2 hours  /  Medium - rinse in 2-3 hours  /  Dark - rinse in 4 hours
Full Body – 50
Upper Body (waist up) – 25                 Legs Only (waist down) – 25
Half & Half (bra-line up & legs) 40    Face & Neck (bra-line up) 20
Quick Bronze Plus add 5 – deep bronze w/ violet toner.
Double Dip* – add 15 – 2nd application next day.

*May take a 2nd session application to achieve desired color depth.